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When Frances Morris is not painting in her studio, she is travelling the length and breadth of Ireland, absorbing with her artist’s eye, the essence of the Irish landscape. The Ireland portrayed in her landscapes is accessible, immediate, and exists for all to discover. Nothing is false or imagined: the scene on the canvas transports the viewer to ‘far away places’. One can see the landscape unfold, feel the atmosphere, judge the weather, imagine the smells, pick the seasonal flowers, or dip a toe in some still pool.

Here in each painting is the Ireland that is sometimes hard to find: the cottage that will soon have crumbled; the boglands that remind one of the colours fo tweed; the seasons captured with an abundance of wild flowers; the skies laden with rain clouds; the beaches, still empty; the sunsets only to be found in the West; the Irish Parlour; the much loved homestead; the gate you want to walk through; the forest path where W.B.Yeats might once have strolled.

The European paintings depict sunny, mysterious and magical landscapes with striking, unusual and mouth watering colours; a feast of light to dazzle the eye. They are intimate, detailed and joyous, and express the artist’s love affair with Venezia, Provence and the Cote D’Azur.

All original work is painted in acrylic on fine cotton stretched canvas.

The most popular of the Irish and Continental paintings have been exquisitely reproduced in limited edition ‘Giclee’ prints on 333g watercolour paper. Large prints are in limited editions of 99, smaller limited to 250.